Our Story

Appetissant Group Corporation consists of three business groups: snacks, frozen, and ready meals. We have almost 40 years experience in food manufacturing and export business as a subsidiary of JNRM Corporation. 

Our mission is to provide products that are: 


We started with a dream of helping local mushroom farmers in the Philippines. We wanted to give livelihood program for displaced Overseas Contract Workers. Then, our Instayum Mushroom Chips won an International Award in SIAL for it's health benefits and innovation. After that, we were sought after by supermarket and convenience stores here and abroad. This helped us realize a vision of creating healthy product while creating sustainable farming that helps the environment, inspire new farmers and pave a way for new diverse products. 


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TASTY Food as Medicine

Mushroom can prevent and treat many diseases and boost overall health; high in fiber, low calorie, low fat and NO cholesterol. Contains nutrients such as Potassium, Vit B, Vit D, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and selenium. Super Tasty Meat substitute !


Mushroom can be grown vertically and harvests everyday within 4 to 6 months period. It only needs 95% LESS water, uses empty buildings or neglected spaces, ZERO waste. They are good recyclers emits abundant CO2, that could heal the planet and feed the feared 9.8 Billion population by 2050. The main ingredient for the mushroom media is composed of rice straws and wood chips that is supposed to be burnt and produce harmful gasses.  

VEGANISM And Naturals Are Now The Trendy Lifestyle

According to Forbes, global meat substitutes market is expected to garner a revenue of $5.2 billion by 2020, annual growth rate of 8.4% according to Allied Market Research Veganism is expected to be the “biggest food shift of 2018”. 

Helps Local Farmers

Automating rice farms and importing from other countries displaced a lot of local farmers and OFWs in the Philippines. Together with our government, we assist these farmers and makes sure we continuously process their harvest everyday.