Chicken Cordon Bleu Ready to Cook Meals

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Appetissant Chicken Cordon Blue is a fancy restaurant meal that is made from tender chicken breast, smoked ham, cheese, and the perfect blend of spices. Impress everyone by letting them experience all the flavor, all the crunch, the texture of a healthy meal in an instant.


Frying: Remove from packaging. Heat oil on a frying pan.  8 minutes or until fully reheated. Carefully open the lid. Serve and enjoy.

Oven: Empty content in the pan, heat over low to medium fire while stirring for 8 minutes or until fully reheated.

Ingredients: Chicken, Ham, Cheese, Bread Crumbs, Eggs, Starch, Spices, Salt.

ALLERGEN: CHEESE, EGGS (Processed in the same facility where milk, soy, eggs, nuts based product are produced)